The Busy Woman’s Way: Hassle-Free Garden Colour All Year Round

The all-in-one course to create your garden sanctuary with a fabulous planting colour scheme from Rebecca from The Busy Woman’s Garden.

Save yourself time and expensive mistakes and get your project off to the best start with a 4-step method. It’s painting by numbers for the garden!


This is for you if:

  • You are a beginner that wants the garden to do justice to the rest of the house.
  • You don’t notice how drab the front of your house is until someone is coming to visit and it is too late or every time you look out the kitchen window you cringe.
  • You would love a nice garden but just can’t face into something else to figure out and making the necessary choices.
  • You believe you just don’t have ‘green fingers’ and can only grow weeds.
  • You don’t have time for gardening – the last thing you need is another job.

Here's what might have happened before:

  • You have bought planters from supermarkets that look nice for a while but then you don’t know what to do with them when they die back.
  • You have done trips to the garden centre, spent a pretty penny only to be disappointed when you planted them or soon enough after.
  • You have tried to watch garden shows for ideas but nearly died of bloody boredom. You have no intention of spending your precious hour of evening downtime repeating that mistake.
  • You have twisted the arm of less than co-operative partner/children/other, to do a big garden ‘tidy up’ only for it all to go back to hell in a handbasket a few weeks later.

What to expect?

The all-in-one course is delivered across three modules to make sure you have what you need. All straight-talking, no filler or fluff, garden advice specifically for busy people. I do the thinking is done for you. Here’s one problem you DON’T have to solve yourself. Save yourself expensive mistakes and get your project off to the best start. My course shows you what to buy so your garden looks its best all year, how to plant them, the easy way to care for them and what to do when.

Getting Off the Ground

Getting to know your garden again.

The essential materials you need.

Picking out your prime garden “real estate”.


Getting Blooming Going

My fantastic 4-step system to a plant shopping list to create the planting colour scheme you dream about.
Suitable for most areas in UK & Ireland and mid-Europe, US Zones 8/9.

Getting Down and Dirty

Planting the right way.

After-care essentials.

The next steps.

Course includes self-paced video tutorials, workbooks, unique 4-step plant selector resource, ongoing care essentials, fortnightly live Q&As and monthly email reminders of (only!) the essential garden tasks to keep your garden at its best.

What if ...

What if this ‘green fingers’ stuff is all BS?

What if you had a shopping list of exactly the right plants?

Imagine if you had it sorted and you were as proud of your garden as you are of the best of your home.

Imagine how much calmer you would be after standing outside for 5 minutes in the summer having a morning cuppa soaking up the colours and scents before the mayhem starts again.

What if the view from the kitchen sink took your mind off the cups you have rinsed eleventy million times to something a lot better.

  • But won’t I die of the boredom?  This is not a fuddy-duddy gardening course. I love my garden but I love a laugh more.  I can’t promise dancing plants but there will definitely be a bit of craic along the way.
  • I really have no time! The plants and the system I explain are designed to take the least possible amount of time with the maximum amount of results – think Pareto’s 80/20 rule.  Every lesson is kept as simple as possible and has been created to give you just the right amount of info you need.  Learn at your own pace: You can binge watch, or dip in and out and the workbooks will make sure you capture all the essential steps.  Course takes a couple of hours and once you have your plants in, keeping your garden sorted can be done in half an hour a week and a lot less outside the growing season. 
  • Will this work for my garden? All the plants have been selected to be the most robust and work in the widest variety of conditions.  To address any queries with unusual circumstances, I have LIVE Q&A sessions for course participants every fortnight. So for those of you who ‘can only grow weeds’ we will get this sorted for once and for all.
  • How much does it cost?  The course is being offered at an introductory price of £97, including course workbook, resources and fortnightly calls.  A lot less than a couple of failed trips to a garden centre!
  • I have tried before and have a garden disaster!  The contents of this course addresses all the major reasons people don’t succeed at garden projects such as not knowing what to do when, buying the plants the garden centre wants to sell rather than the ones that work in your garden.
  • When? Enrolment closes 10th of April with self-paced course starting  24th April 2023.   It is the perfect time to plant! There really isn’t much time to lose!

About me

I’m Rebecca, a mam of three and a keen garden-lover all my life. Over the years I have had various gardens from a small semi-detached ‘yarden’ to an older house with an established garden. 

Six years ago we had to completely take out our existing garden to make way for an extension and all I had left was a lawn. Since then I have been added different sections to the garden, while working full time as an accountant and with a husband that is willing but not especially interested. The project will never end but I do have a fab view from all my rooms and 5 different spots to hide out with a cuppa now and can tell you it has made all the difference to the rest of my life. 

I’m on a mission to help other women achieve the same for themselves. Now, I run weekly How-To videos, sell Garden Organizers, email tips and ideas to my mailing list and post daily tips and inspiration for my social media followers.

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